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Time to Arbitrage Oil?

By Hong Mu | June 14, 2018

Since February of this year, U.S. oil production has topped and has remained over 10 million barrels per day (mmb/d), a level of output we haven’t seen since 1970. This… Read More

Stocks Grind Higher as Bonds Await the Fed

By David O'Malley | June 11, 2018

This week is set up to have a significant number of market moving events for stocks and bonds. Just as U.S. equities hit their highest levels since early this year,… Read More

Absolute Versus Relative Returns

By Greg Zappin | June 7, 2018

Credit spreads have been resilient for the majority of 2018, outperforming duration-matched Treasuries, as business fundamentals remain sound and new issue supply remains down year-over-year. However, fixed income total returns… Read More

Strong Employment, but Trade Concerns Rise

By David O'Malley | June 4, 2018

Last week’s report on employment conditions showed strong continued gains in hiring, with 223,000 new jobs added during the past month. The unemployment rate fell to a new cyclical low… Read More

The Changing Derivative Market

By Zhiwei Ren | May 31, 2018

The derivative market is vast, with notional value estimated to be between $500 trillion and $750 trillion. Since the crisis, there have been three major changes in derivative markets: Before… Read More

Oil Prices and Treasury Yields Fall

By David O'Malley | May 29, 2018

Last week saw a reversal in two market trends that have been occurring for the past several months: increasing oil prices and treasury yields. Oil prices dropped almost 10%, from… Read More

Not Quite Closing Time

By Jen Ripper | May 24, 2018

There has been no shortage of negative headline news surrounding retail over the past few years. Major retailers have announced thousands of store closures and many have gone out of… Read More

Is the Secular Bull Market Over for Bonds?

By David O'Malley | May 21, 2018

Opinions on the bond market continue to grow louder as several market prognosticators claim that the multi-decade bull market for bonds is over due to some key technical indications being… Read More

Today’s Long Corporate Credit Curve

By James Faunce | May 17, 2018

Long end corporate credit spread curves have been somewhat range bound in recent weeks off the tights experienced in late January. The January print for the 10-year to 30-year curve… Read More

Geopolitical Risk Will Take Center Stage

By David O'Malley | May 14, 2018

Equities seemed to find their footing last week, helped by some of the big cap technology stocks. Meanwhile, bonds got some favorable news on the inflation front and were able… Read More