Yiming Hong

Quantitative Analyst
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Yiming Hong

Ms. Hong joined Penn Mutual Asset Management in March 2014 where she serves as a quantitative analyst.

Prior to joining Penn Mutual Asset Management, Yiming worked as an investment strategy summer fellow at KAUST Investment Management Company, a risk management intern at Morgan Stanley Huaxin Funds and a consulting intern at IBM.

Ms. Hong holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics, a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics from Sun Yat-sen University and a Master of Arts Degree in Financial Mathematics from Columbia University.

Stories by Yiming Hong

Money Market Fund Reform Increases Dollar Funding Cost

By Yiming Hong | September 1, 2016

The Money Market Fund (MMF) reforms taking effect on October 14 impact approximately $2.7 trillion in money market mutual funds. Prior to the effective date, many prime money market funds are converting to government money market funds.