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Does Dell/EMC Transaction Signal a Peak for Credit Markets?

By Greg Zappin | October 29, 2015

The announcement by privately-held Dell Inc. that it will acquire EMC Corporation could prove to be a seminal event in the current credit cycle. It’s always with hindsight that the market can point to market tops.

Equity Market Still Likes Monetary Stimulus

By David O'Malley | October 26, 2015

Despite weak economic data and mediocre earnings, stocks have rallied sharply on expected additional monetary stimulus from the European Central Bank (ECB).

Negative Gamma Increases Market Volatility

By Zhiwei Ren | October 22, 2015

In last three weeks, sentiment in the market changed sharply. In August and September, the market was worried about a hard landing in China and the U.S. dollar strength driven by the potential rate hikes. On October 2, after the release of a dismal non-farm payroll, the market had a change of heart: Bad news is good again.

Inflation Remains Subdued

By David O'Malley | October 19, 2015

The highlight of the past week’s economic data was the release of the U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI), which showed that inflationary pressures in the U.S. remain low.

Timing of Fed Liftoff: Is More “Hurry Up and Wait” in Store for the Markets?

By Mark Heppenstall | October 15, 2015

Investors have started to question whether all the necessary conditions will ever be in place for this Federal Reserve (Fed) to begin tightening monetary policy after last month’s FOMC rate decision.

Credit Spreads Beginning to Look Attractive

By David O'Malley | October 12, 2015

The credit markets for both investment grade and below investment grade corporate bonds have underperformed Treasury bonds this year.

The Smartphones Are Taking Over!

By Trevor M. Williams | October 8, 2015

We are all becoming increasingly reliant on our mobile devices. Not exactly a newsflash … but it’s not just us here in the United States.

Sorting Through the Noise of a Weak Employment Report

By David O'Malley | October 5, 2015

The three adjectives that I have heard the most to describe the September employment report were “weak,” “disappointing” and “lackluster.” In my opinion, the employment numbers accurately describe economic reality and, as a result, increase uncertainty for market direction going forward.

Credit Minefield Leaves Few Safe Places to Hide

By Greg Zappin | October 1, 2015

During the first half of the year, investment grade credit spreads widened due to record new issue supply, while sector-specific pain was isolated in the energy and metals space. Up until July, it seemed like if you avoided anything related to China and commodities you were safe. There has been a big change in the market recently.